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Interview Skills / E-Learning The newest addition to OTA’s Soft Skills training curriculum for IT professionals is the E-Learning version of its critically acclaimed Interview Skills seminar.

This Web-Based, on-demand product helps consultants improve their confidence and overall performance when being interviewed by customers for potential consulting engagements.

To give you a better idea of the product, we invite you to consult the Overview of the Seminar.

A complete outline of the E-Learning product can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

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For information concerning an optional live interview practice session, go to Live Coaching.


Interview Skills Seminar
(Winning the engagement interview)

Course Length: Four (4) hours

Course Medium: Internet (Web-Based)


Designed specifically for IT and Management consultants, this Web-Based training product will help boost confidence and performance during interviews for potential consulting engagements.

Built around a proven Interview Success Model (Connect / Content / Convince), this product helps consultants develop their own reusable personal value proposition and overcome objections.


  • Develop a reusable personal ‘one-minute bio’ and value proposition
  • Apply techniques for dealing with objections and difficult questions
  • Position your professional experience in the form of examples that connect to the customer’s requirements
  • Create a winning first impression

Course Outcomes

  • More confidence in interview situations (telephone and face-to-face)
  • Higher placement and consultant utilization (winning the engagements)
  • A better understanding of how to have an impact in interviews
  • An “edge” over other candidates for the position

Cost: 350 $ Can.

*: To obtain volume discounts, please contact OTA, at:

Live Coaching (Optional)
(Would you like to practice your interview skills?)

For an additional fee, OTA offers optional ‘live’ coaching (over the phone) with an experienced OTA instructor. This consists in a 45 minute interview and coaching session.

Practice and feedback are the key to improving interview performance. Feedback from an experienced instructor is a valuable tool in helping you master your interview delivery techniques.

Cost: 250 $ Can.

For more details, please contact OTA at:

*: To obtain volume discounts, please contact OTA, at: