Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) For IT Projects Technology solutions with built-in industry best practices can be bought off-the-shelf by organizations of any size. Today, the speed at which organizations adopt these new practices has become the source of competitive advantage. Early adopters of enterprise-wide IT solutions all testify that achievement of the project's organizational outcomes is fundamental to the realization of benefits.

The value proposition for organizational change management is twofold: mitigate the risk of organizational rejection and drive the realization of benefits. For project teams tasked with the implementation of their first enterprise-wide change project, the task can seem overwhelming, often resulting in team members focusing on the installation rather than the adoption of the solution.

Yet, when it comes to managing organizational change, knowing what to do need not be complicated. Simply put, change success depends on planning and executing the right change activities, with the right stakeholders, at the right time. Since 1995 and through over 50 projects in organizations of all sizes, OTA has been refining its OCM Methodology, Coaching Services, and Training Seminars. The goal is clear: equip organizations and change agents with the tools and the skills they need to manage risk and drive the realization of benefits.

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