About OTA

About OTA OTA (Organizational Transition Associates) provides Organizational Change Management education and consulting services for business and IT-driven initiatives. OTA also offers a complete Soft Skills training curriculum, helping consultants and technical specialists develop the people skills they need to succeed in complex, multi-partner projects.

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OTA Corporate Profile

‘To help individuals and organizations develop competencies that accelerate the adoption of innovation.’


Founded in 1995, OTA (Organizational Transition Associates) specializes in Organizational Change Management (OCM) for IT and process-driven transformation. Large and mid-size organizations, as well as software vendors like SAP, leverage OTA’s change methodologies, education programs and consulting services.

OTA also offers a complete Soft Skills Training Curriculum that addresses the professional development needs of IT and management consultants.

Organizational Change Management

Anyone can buy technology off the shelf, it is now the speed at which it is adopted that differentiates success from failure. Caught in a whirlwind of complex configuration decisions and under severe time constraints, it is easy for project teams to postpone the project’s people and organizational issues. Yet, project success is more than a successful “technical” installation.

This is where OTA comes in. We have the tools and the expertise to orchestrate the right change interventions, at the right time, with the right stakeholders. In addition to our OCM methodology and coaching services, our training seminars equip the people in your organization with versatile change management skills, applicable to all business and IT change initiatives.

Soft Skills Training

To succeed in today’s complex project environments, the ability to interact with diverse groups of stakeholders is critical. Technical competency alone no longer guarantees professional success. Building on our expertise with the people and organizational challenges of IT-enabled business projects, OTA developed a series of training seminars that enhance the overall performance of IT professionals: what we call the ‘Soft Skills’.

OTA’s Soft Skills seminars help IT consultants and in-house specialists increase their overall effectiveness on projects. Thousands of professionals from software vendors, systems integrators and IT departments have benefited from these unique sessions. OTA seminars can be delivered in the classroom, in live distance learning or as E-Learning products.

What Differentiates OTA

A key differentiator of OTA’s approach to Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Soft Skills training is its integration with modern project and risk management methodologies. Change is complex, but experience demonstrates that careful planning, execution and monitoring of a pre-determined set of change activities can have a profound impact on project success. Furthermore, our OCM methodology contains templates and accelerators that turn these activities into tangible project deliverables.

The same holds true for our soft skills education. Customer interaction skills are best remembered when taught in the context of real-life project challenges. For example, OTA questioning and objection-handling techniques are covered in the context of requirements workshops. This approach builds process maturity and translates into visible improvement on projects.


  • Organizational Change Management (OCM) in public sector, aerospace, banking, utilities, high tech, manufacturing, petrochemicals and primary metals
  • Business process reengineering
  • Strategic planning and management consulting
  • Knowledge management
  • Competency and skills development
  • Research and development of project, risk and OCM methodologies