OCM Coaching

OCM Coaching OTA has extensive experience in Organizational Change Management consulting services in an IT context.

A key differentiator of OTA’s approach to Organizational Change Management (OCM) is its emphasis on applying project management discipline to the planning, execution and monitoring of change management activities.

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Our OCM specialists offer support in the following areas:

  • Ensure a successful project start-up by ensuring that organizational outcomes are identified and included in the overall project plan
  • Gain and sustain effective sponsorship in the organization throughout all the phases of the project
  • Identify change interventions that will move people up the adoption curve
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  • Enhance the likelihood of achieving the projected results in the allotted timeframe and budget
  • Ensure that timely and appropriate actions are taken to mitigate organizational and human risks regarding project success
  • Focusing organizational changes towards the realization of project benefits

More information:

OTA offers its clients the possibility of structuring a customized support package that includes a complete OCM training program tailored to a customer’s specific needs, as well as an OCM coaching option, onsite or remote. Customers can also acquire licences for OTA’s OCM methodology and training seminars for unlimited internal use. For more information on this option, please contact us at: info@ota.ca

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